Vision and Mission


Peer-based tutoring service that provides drop-in academic support for courses in the school of Kinesiology and Health Science, allowing students to enhance their learning experience by strengthening their grasp on fundamental subject-concepts, while using different learning strategies


  • Cultivate and refine Peer Tutors’ consultation-specific communication skills to convey fundamental course concepts in a way that facilitates an effective and mutually beneficial interaction between the Peer Tutors' and tutees
  • Help improve academic performance of students utilizing KAHSSO Peer Tutoring Program and refer/encourage further use of other campus resources
  • Foster and strengthen the bond between younger and older students alike and develop alternative learning strategies
  • Facilitate personal development of Peer Tutors and tutees through cross-mentoring and guide tutees toward a path of success as defined by their own personal standards


  • Reach out to as many KINE students as possible and help in a comfortable and informative setting
  • Help students enhance their self-confidence by helping them realize their own potential
  • Develop a continuing cycle of students who find this experience valuable, rewarding and effective both as Peer Tutors and tutees
  • Inspire and encourage students to contribute to KAHSSO and other campus-based communities and enhance the sense of community within York