Peer Tutoring Program

The KAHSSO Peer Tutor Program is a student-run tutoring service that provides free, 1-on-1, drop-in, course-specific help to Kinesiology and Health Science undergraduate students by upper-level, successful, well-trained students. This program was piloted in the summer of 2015 with support for three KINE core courses: KINE 2011, KINE 2031, and KINE 3030. The Peer Tutoring Program then expanded to support all core KINE courses as of September 2015, and continues to do so. 

Courses being supported for the upcoming Fall/Winter 2019-2020 academic term are as follows:
  • KINE 1000- Sociocultural Perspectives in Kinesiology  (Y 2016-2017)
  • KINE 1020- Fitness and Health (Y 2016-2017)
  • KINE 2011- Human Physiology I (F 2016)
  • KINE 2031- Human Anatomy (F 2016)
  • KINE 2049- Research Methods in Kinesiology (F 2016)
  • KINE 2050- Analysis of Data in Kinesiology I (W 2017)
  • KINE 3012- Human Physiology II (W 2017)
  • KINE 3030- Biomechanics (W 2017)
  • KINE 3000- Psychology of Physical Activity and Health (W 2017)
  • KINE 3020- Skilled Performance and Motor Learning (F 2016)
  • KINE 4010- Exercise Physiology (F 2016)
  • KINE 4020- Human Nutrition(W 2017)

Peer Tutoring services for these courses will provided in room 111 Stong College (also known as the "JCR" or Junior Commons Room). 

The  Peer Tutoring schedule for the Fall 2019 term can be found here.