Tutee Do's and Don'ts


Dos Don'ts
·     Come prepared

·      Read your notes beforehand and truly try to understand the information before seeking help

·      Prepare specific questions for the Peer Tutor

·      Ensure that your questions are relevant to the course that specific Peer Tutor is supporting

·      Be respectful of the Peer Tutors, they are volunteering their time to help you succeed

·      Explore the many resources provided at Stong College (stong.yorku.ca/) , Bethune College (bethune.yorku.ca/) and other units

·      Be honest with your Peer Tutor – if you don’t understand what they’re explaining, let them know. They will be able to help you understand the material

·      Respect other tutees’ right to a Peer Tutor. If there are other tutees waiting, the maximum amount of time the tutor can spend with you in one session is 15 minutes

·      Engage in critical thinking

·      Be responsible and accountable for your own learning

·      Be patient

·      Use campus resources, writing centres/support (Writing Centres at South Ross 311 and Scott Library Leaning Commons, SPARK yorku.ca/spark/)

·      Don’t expect the Peer Tutor to teach you everything in a unit or the entire course the night before a test/exam

·      Don’t verbally or physically assault/abuse Peer Tutor if they do not know the answer to your question

·      Don’t bribe Peer Tutors to give you past tests

·      Don’t be stubborn

·      Don’t bring past tests to the tutoring               session

·      Don’t expect the Peer Tutor to help you with your assignments/labs

·      If a Peer Tutor is trying to help you, and you are unwilling to co-operate, you are free to leave

·      Don’t expect the Peer Tutor to know the answer to your questions if they are not specific to their respective course

·      Don’t be too defensive about constructive criticisms

·      Don’t blame your Peer Tutor for poor grades

·      Don’t date your Peer Tutor/purposely meet Peer Tutor outside office hours

·      Don’t harass your Peer Tutor

·      Don’t ask your Peer Tutor for personal favours or money

·      Don’t waste the Peer Tutor’s time