KIN Games

What are the KIN Games?

KIN Games are the largest annual undergraduate Kinesiology Conference in Canada. Students gather to compete in sports, academics and dance. They strive to promote Student Learning, Intercultural Understanding and Sustainability.

The team with the most overall points at the end of the two-day competition will win the coveted ‘Golden Shoe’ trophy. The current National Champions are the Queen's University Gaels. (2015 games)

At the 2015 games in UBC, over 800 undergrad students were hosted from over 30 different kinesiology programs.

The athletic events are designed in such a way that avoids the resemblance to established sports. In this way, competitors are tested on their adaptive athleticism – levelling the playing field for everyone, regardless of their expertise. The games change every year. On the academic component, the competitors will typically take part in quiz-style events that test knowledge of such topics as exercise physiology, human growth, anatomy, and biomechanics.

The first KIN Games were first hosted in 2001 at UofT.

York's Involvement: York University hosted a KIN Games in 2006. They last competed at the 2016 KIN Games hosted by McGill.

The upcoming KIN Games are taking place in March 2017


Youtube Links:  Storm the Wall KinGames 2015