KINE Clothing

Get excited...KINE clothing is still on sale, with another cycle of designs coming your way really soon!

Below you will see the items that we still have left - if you're interested in purchasing any of these items email us at and we will coordinate a time for you to pick up your purchase!

T-shirts: ($18.00)

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Our traditional shirts are back - as pictured, these t-shirts will be available in both black and red!

14571918_10209154187424293_1541797085_oEver have trouble explaining to everyone what you're learning? Then this is the shirt for you! This is offered as a white t-shirt with a two-colour printed design

Tanktops: ($15.00)


Perfect for the gym or just lounging at home! These will be available as white tanktops/muscle-t's

Crewneck Sweater: ($35.00)


 Black crewneck sweaters with this cool KINE red text!

Sweatpants: ($35.00)


We've brought them back, the Kinesiology sweatpants that are perfect for the cold winter study session!